Waterford & Wedgwood


Are there two names more synonymous with gracious dining?  Can anyone imagine a world without these two? Sadly, unless a buyer can be found we may have to envision it.  One of the reasons being cited is today’s more casual lifestyle, one in which there is no room for cut crystal and bone china, the latter known in my bridal days as the “good china”.  If this is true, than a bleak future is ahead for us. Some may fear the cost, after all, the “good china” might be trotted out only once or twice a year. Mrs. Sloan is always one for pinching a penny, not letting go until it screams! Sometimes, I have fallen victim to another old adage, one of being penny wise and pound foolish
A place setting of pristine white bone china banded with platinum is $165 for a five piece place setting. No one could call it cheap. Certainly one could purchase a less costly set for dining. Consider, if one used the “good china” only once a year and owned it for 30 years, how much would it cost, per use?  The cost is a mere $5.50 per use. 

I am of the generation who’s parents lived through the deprivations of the Great Depression. Perhaps because they had suffered great deprivations, followed by the great dangers of WWII, they understood the value of good things and they valued themselves enough to give themselves a few, well chosen things which lasted them a life time.

Perhaps we take a lesson from this generation. That is, choose things of value which last. Pay for them in cash, buy a plate or two for Christmas, a tea cup and saucer or two for a birthday, that is buy them slowly over time. I know I could stand to follow their plan.


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