Snow Day or Ice Rink?

Ice Skating in the DC burbs

Ice Skating in the DC burbs

It’s our turn for the ice storms that have crippled my home state of Oklahoma and many others across the upper-south and mid-west. We awoke this morning to a skating rink of sorts, all that glistens in the photo is ice. Snow plows are very close to useless on this stuff, skimming off a layer of ice but leaving more still beneath it.
If you still have electricity, or you have a gas stove and a way, perhaps a flint, to light it, it is a perfect day for some hot soup and hot chocolate. Today, the recipe is for bœuf bourguignon. I like to use whatever robust red wine I have on hand, so this could just as well be called bœuf sauvignon or bœuf noir. It lends itself perfectly to the crockpot, so, if you don’t have the day to cook it on the stove and in the oven, you can start it in a crockpot in the morning before you leave for the day, or start it at night before you retire for the night. It can cook all night in a crock pot, then be refrigerated and reheated for dinner. That is, if the aroma doesn’t drive you to some sleep eating. It isn’t exclusive to snow days, as it makes a good Saturday meal, too.


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