Bon Appétit!

Finally! Mrs. Sloan has been to see Julie & Julia. So many movie reviewers have complained that they wished that Julie would just get out of the way and make way for more Julia. I liked seeing how the blog came about and her struggles with Cordon Bleu cooking every night. I do have to say while I enjoyed the Julie moments, though some seemed to drag a tad, the Julia moments flew by and I wished for more of them.
For the most part I was struck by this thought, Julia was a cook, no, a chef, who had to write . Julie was a writer who had to cook.
My favorite moments were all Julia, chopping onions, greeting her sister, meeting Simone, Simca, Beck. Even the tragic moments of Julia’s life resonated with me. Though I can sympathize with Julie. Being low on the totem pole, again, since I put my family ahead of my career for years, Frankly, I don’t believe that I would attempt to take on a year of cooking from Mastering the Art, a tome I have owned for nearly as long as Julie has been alive.
The Republican bashing bothered me, too. It was specious. A Republican would have fired you? Really? Most places of employment have a “Personal Day”, regardless of person political conviction. I understand her political views are her views, but the bashing in the movie didn’t tell me that these were Julie Powell’s views, they were more presented as sport. Her blog says she is “terrified of everything [Republicans] stand for”. To me, Repubicans stand for not snuffing out an innocent’s life just because they don’t have a voice, and secondly, fiscal responsibility. By the way, part of history, the Kennedy’s supported and worked with McCarthy, Yikes! I didn’t know this when I once considered myself a Kennedy Democrat.
I am off my soap box now, this isn’t a political opinion blog and I will truly try not to ever mention politics again, and back to waxing poetic about food! Yes, the FOOD. Whatever you do, don’t go to the movie hungry! The food is tantalizing. Although it is the focus of the movie, it doesn’t eclipse the events in Julia’s life. I would have liked to have seen much more of Julia and her food. But what we did see inspired us to cook at home that evening. Judiciously, I post-it marked the pages of the recipes so that I could quickly flip back and forth as everything was going at once! Our menu was Steak au Poivre, Haricots Verts à la Maître de l’Hôtel and Pommes de Terre Sautées.  The one thing I resorted to was frozen Haricots Verts and yes, they suffered.  We also had a problem with the sauce for the Steak au Poivre. As Julia has always said, you are alone in the kitchen, no one will know, so we had to resort to cornstarch to thicken the sauce. You can see that the sauce is separating a bit in the boat. The sauce boat was heated, by the way.  The taste was still superb, but I will have to work on this one a bit. Also, as we couldn’t find new potatoes and only had the larger red potatoes, they were cut in half mid way through the cooking to allow them to finish cooking  at the same time as the steak and beans. This made them impossible to roll around tp the other sides to allow them to brown properly when the pan was shaken.  I think, if this happens again, and I expect it will, that I will cut them first, then shape them a bit to give them a rounded shape.
I encourage you to visit The Julia Child page on PBS for more of Julia!


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