To make up for the leftover Chicken,…

Le Creuset

Le Creuset

On Sunday, Mr. Lane and I went to see Julie & Julia, 2nd time for me and 1st time for him. I found that I wanted even more of Julia. Since we decided to go to the movies at the last minute, we shared some leftovers, I gave him my leftover Chicken Marsala, from a local restaurant, while I ate two slightly warmed up eggrolls. Both suffered in the reheating as we did in the re-eating.
For tonight, I promised him something that wouldn’t give him heartburn for hours and hours.


My intention was to make a breast of chicken with mushrooms and vermouth. However, I discovered that Julia’s recipes for Suprêmes de Volaille aux Champignons required a piece of equipment I don’t own. For roughly the cost of half a car payment, I could own a Le Creuset Dutch Oven. Although I am certain that it would be worth the price, with two college tuitions to pay, instead I will consider the Lodge enameled Dutch Oven. At under $70, it is worth a try!
In any case, I couldn’t get either one by tonight’s dinner, so that was that!
How hard could this be? Some cut of meat, near chicken, some mushrooms some cream? Basic! Has to be there.
Escalopes de Veau a la creme, Escalopes de Veau a la creme, Escalopes de Veau a la creme!!! Sorry, I’m excited, I had no desire to wait an hour and a half to Rotisserie an entire Chicken, search Walmarts from the Capital of the Free World to Paducah for a Lodge Enameled Dutch Oven in which to cook the Suprêmes. So I am stuck until I find the classic, Veal, Cream, Mushrooms a meal on which I cut my gourmet teeth. That and egg yolk!

Now, the hardest part of this recipe, since I live near the Capital of the Free World and no longer in the Heartland, is finding Veal. Whole Paycheck, I mean Whole Foods, is morally opposed. So that’s out. Safeway and Giant are better shots for it, but Monkey County has more rules about selling wine than a preacher on Sunday. I should know, my grandaddy was one. Since we need wine, particularly a White Cote de Rhone or White Graves, we stop at Shoppers. They have one of the best wine selections in our area. Unfortunately, the Veal was disappointing, but I could deal. No, I don’t recommend making Escalopes de Veau from a Veal Shoulder Steak, but it will do in a pinch.
Armed with Mint, rather scraggly, if organic, mint, handpicked mushrooms, they looked better than the pre-sliced I usually buy, frozen peas, sorry! no fresh, and replacement shallot, you don’t want to know, we headed home to fricasee the kitchen. Oh, yes! A Cote du Rhone, should I say, the Cote du Rhone? There was only one. But it was valiant!

One thing I always try to do when cooking a complicated entree, is to have a simple side or two. Steamed rice, Mr. Lane is a Louisiana heritaged steamed rice expert, so that is his province. Hence, the frozen, yes frozen, peas for Petits Pois Frais à l’Anglaise. You know it isn’t June and peas are not technically in season. They were wonderful, they would have been even better if I hadn’t left the sugar on the counter and actually put it in the peas. But, by golly, I did add the mint.
One other thing, keep the mushrooms moving around and the heat high, they will brown. No need to arrange them like a Matisse painting.

Bon Appétit! And, my apologies, wordpress and images, not so good together.



Chotes du Rhone
Chotes du Rhone
Escallopes de Veau a la creme

Escallopes de Veau a la creme


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