This could be a serious problem

Julia did warn me. Read the entire recipe completely before beginning. That way you won’t get a surprise and need something in the middle of a recipe. For the Gratin Dauphinois, Scalloped Potatoes with Milk, Cheese, and a Pinch of Garlic, I either didn’t read the directions or glossed over them sufficiently not to notice that I was to “set baking dish over heat and when simmering,…” uh oh. Yeah, the Pampered Chef pan, the only one in my house 2″ deep, won’t take that, at least I won’t take a chance that it will take that. I guess I could have used a cake pan, but I don’t think I want people to wonder why my cakes all taste of garlic. I just can’t trust that the garlic won’t stay with the pan, I know it will probably stay with the baker, but it was a sacrifice I was willing to make. Perhaps I should have made spinach timbales, I have timbales.
Well, we’ll just have to hope that potatoes work out right, and, if not, the the Supremes de Volaille a Brun with Madeira deglazing makes up for it. When Julia wrote the book, the servantless American cook, you know, your mom or grandmom, couldn’t buy skinless, boneless chicken breasts. Frankly, I am not sure she could buy a Whole Chicken Cut Up!Sometime in the seventies, grocers began to stock boneless chicken breasts, sometime in the last ten year, chicken breasts went nuclear power plant. These things weigh as much as an entire fryer / broiler, with bones! But I am too lazy or too tired, or too whatever, but, bottom line, I didn’t bone my own chicken breasts. I bought the nuclear power plant chicken breasts, two pounds of potatoes, 1 lb of Swiss, about 3/4 of a pound too much. All of this, enough to serve 4 people, six with an additional vegetable or desert, for $20. One thing that is striking is how simple the ingredients are and how difficult it is to find them in so many grocery stores. There are 40 or 50 different bags of convenience shredded cheese, but only one block of Swiss cheese and we nearly didn’t find that.
Hurray! The potatoes are perfection! The sauce is delightful. The chicken is well, rubbery. Looks like better chicken quality is in order.


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  1. drskipper2006

    We are poor little lambs who have no food… send some our way!

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