The Milk Man Cometh, no more

Gold Spot Dairy, Enid

Gold Spot Dairy from Enid Buzz via Pinterest

The milk bottles were my job, back when children had chores, back when the milk man made deliveries. It wasn’t my favorite thing to do and milk bottles would frequently line the foyer, on their way to the milk box. The milk box was a small metallic insulated box with a lid that sat on our front walk. At the time that the milk bottles became my job, we were living in a true fifities ranch style house, with an overly small porch, one with no room for the milk box. But there was a generous sidewalk. It ambled past the center of the house which had vertical, rough hewn,  “barn” siding on the facade, and culminated past the edge of the porch at a garden containing a concrete fountain putti whom we named Euclid. Though it was the sidewalk, it functioned more as the porch than did the actual porch. Our milk came from Gold Spot Dairy now, having  become a minnow in the merger sea, part of AMPI. Hooked on Houses posted about her latest find this morning on Tara’s etsy shop. The pristine beauty of a high-shouldered milk bottle took me back to that simpler time. How I miss the clink of the milk bottles arriving and departing the porch!


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