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Mrs. Lane was going to write about how she would very much like the snow to go away. We have been inundated with snow here in the Mid-Atlantic this year. I am sure I have lost a 7 year old Japanese maple. My American Hollies were buried so deep that the bunnies could reach the top of a 4 foot tree and have stripped it pretty well. The carissa hollies are most likely broken, we’ll know more once the snow melts away from them a bit more. I have no idea if the Antique Rose has survived, it is still buried completely under at least six to eight inches of snow. In fact, it seems that the only plants unscathed from the recent blizzard force snows are the ones I despise, an ill advised ligustrum, not even the birds will eat the berries on this puppy. The cedars have survived as well as the arborvitae, yup despise them all.
But, tonight, we watched Food, Inc. and my topic changed. It matters very little if the Antique Roses are snapped in two if one’s beef is produced in such a way that encourages the development of e-coli? Will it really matter if the Japanese Maple is a mere twig if the farmer’s fields have been invaded with genetically modified seed? Does it matter if the hollies are reduced to so much compost fodder when a family must pay more for produce than for poorly balanced fast food?
So tonight, we are resolved to do a little more to grow our own and buy organic meat, at Whole Foods or my local Amish market. Especially as this is the time of year that the seed catalogs have arrived. The ones from whom you can <save seed.


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